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Emilia Wiles has helped guide over 8,000 young people apply to college, receive multiple acceptances as well as competitive financial aid packages.  Her expert admissions advice has helped her students receive over 1 billion dollars in financial aid over the past ten years.  Emilia has long established connections with admissions officers and a full understanding of current college admissions trends.  She is the current founder of a college consulting company currently servicing ten public high schools and over 5,000 students each year.  Emilia will also help advocate for students and their families through the financial process and enrollment process.  

Ms. Sullivan, New York, NY 

Finding Emilia at a time when my girls were growing up and growing a bit a part from us as parents was a precious gift. Emilia was able to bring the messages and information about how to prepare to be successful on applying to the right programs but also how to get into them to my girls. I have two different type of kids. An outgoing and super confident one and a beautiful introvert. Emilia was able to reached both of them and find the programs and colleges that met their needs. ”

Ms. Iannacci, Long Island, NY

Emilia is always available to give sound and constructive advice to both of us.   My child and I often differ on many issues during this process.  Whenever we are at an impasse, she has given us the tools to manage our differences in a productive way - - and as usual, both of us usually agree with her recommendation.  Although my child is independent and strong-minded in her decision-making, she feels comfortable enough to call Emilia and consult with her for even the most mundane or minor question. 

Live Online and Phone Support


> College Applications


> Financial Aid Negotiations


> Essay and Resume Editing


> Counseling


> SAT and ACT Support


> Interview Prep


> Enrollment and


Matriculation Guidance


Erica C, Brooklyn, NY - George Washington University  

Coming from a school where I was not fortunate to receive positive support from my college counselor, Emilia helped me to achieve the impossible.  This helped me believe that I could achieve anything I put my mind to and that my top University was in reach.  The amount of care and support that I received was undescribable there was never a time where I was told not to apply to a school or felt as if I was not guided.  The college process was a breeze. My parents and I were amazed by all the time and effort that was put into my applications.  Emilia made sure that all my essays were done on time and all my interviews were scheduled.  Emilia has impacted me to never settle and reach for the impossible.  I am excited to be attending George Washington University and cannot wait to apply what I have learned from Emilia.  

Will R. ,Long Island, NY - New York University

"Working with Emilia was one of the best decisions my mother and I had ever made. Having an outside voice for suggestions allows a student to be different. The college counselors at school give every student the same suggestions, making them seem all the same. Also, from the perspective of a kid in the college process, I rarely listened to my parents about their opinions in this process. Emilia allows you to shine based on the information you give her. She takes that information and gives you ideas on how to differentiate yourself. Also, Emilia responded back to emails about edits, questions, and all phone calls within that day. I could always count on Emilia to be reliable. Even when I disagreed with my mother, she was able to help us come to a compromise. I had a dream school. And Emilia told me what I needed to do to get there, I followed and she was right. I am now enrolled in the class of NYU 2022 and cannot thank Emilia enough for everything she had done to help."

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