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 College Applications  
College application timelines are created. Student's applications are reviewed, revised and areas of concern are resolved prior to submission. Students are guided through their college search and college visits.
 Interview Preparation 
College Interviews are set up for your student.  A list of possible interview topics are provided, we help students role-play the interview process, provide them with tips to help them succeed in the interview and suggested questions to ask the interviewer are also supplied.
 Financial Aid Support 
The different sources and types of aid are reviewed.  Deadlines, necessary documentation and special circumstances are taken into consideration.  We will advocate for as much financial aid as possible for your student, advise them on "financially friendly" schools, and advise your family how to appeal for additional funding.  We have advocated for over 4 billion dollars in scholarship funding for our past students.
 SAT/ACT Test Support and College Search 
We have SAT tutors on staff and provide your student with a list of SAT tutoring programs we recommend.  
The student is also guided through a series of meetings to formulate a specific college list.  Advice is given to advise if Early Decision/Early Action is the right choice for your student.  A specific timeline and plan are also provided prior to the beginning of your student's senior year.
 College Essay/Resume  Editing 
We will formulate ideas and concepts that convey who you are to the admissions committee.  We assist with ongoing revisions and help highlight your student's unique attributes and interests with a strong essay.  We will help you create a powerful list of extracurricular activites to highlight your leadership showcase your talents.
 College Enrollment  Guidance
We not only help your child and family through the application and financial aid process but after choosing a school we help your child select classes to register for, choose dorms and give their school all the necessary paperwork before their first day.  We help them also find the academic support on their college campus that is often needed to succeed in their first year.
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